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Manfeild Park Trust Board was formed in October 2004, and today manages the 80 hectares known as Manfeild Park in Feilding. The venue includes two internationally celebrated facilities, Manfeild circuit and Manfeild stadium. The Trust’s formation is the result of the three main stakeholders at the time – Manawatu District Council (major park area, horse racing track), Feilding Industrial Agricultural and Pastoral Association (pit area and stock buildings) and the Manawatu Car Club (Manfeild circuit and garages) – agreeing to vest their property and interests..

This was viewed as a natural partnership enabling more effective management of the combined facilities of national and international standing on behalf of those settlors and the Manawatu community.

The Trust and facility reflect the importance of agri-business in the Manawatu region and, in turn, the region’s contribution as a national centre of excellence.

The major funding providers at the Trust’s formation were the region’s major local bodies, the Manawatu District Council and the Palmerston North City Council, which together provided a mix of grants and loans totalling $9.5 million.


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